Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Miss Moustache celebrates its First Anniversary

We are celebrating miss moustache’s first anniversary and we are having a contest!

To enter leave us a comment telling us why you like the miss moustache products.

The winner will receive a miss moustache gift package including a collar of your choice, a tin of our organic catnip and other little presents (but let's not spoil the surprise!)
Contest closes on July 17th and is open to everyone!

Good luck :)



JenBreeze said...

I am a recent Miss Moustache customer and have been so pleased with my experience!! From the fun designs to the beautiful craftsmanship and AMAZING personal attention, I'm hooked.

We adopted our 2 year old orange tabby Curry from a rescue organization a little over a month ago after he was found wandering the streets.

My kids and I picked the perfect collar from Miss Moustache that made him look like one very handsome cat. Now his ID tag hangs from a comfortable and striking Miss Moustache collar and, if he ever wanders off, we know our contact information will be on him.

Here is a link to Curry, modeling his Tokyo adjustable collar:

Anonymous said...

Snoopy and Kitten (both adopted from rescue organizations) love their new Miss Moustache I.D. tags. Kitten thinks her little bird is very pretty and Snoopy knows his fish bones make him look super cool. They would love a Miss Moustache collar and promise to share or maybe play rock/paper/scissors to see who gets it....

Rachelle Sharp said...

I Love the Miss Moustache style, but mostly I love the fact they also offer a breakaway safety collar feature, which shows their love for our pets too! Not only do they care about how the collars look, they care about the well-being of our pets! :-)

Nancy G. said...

I immediately fell in love with Miss Moustache products when I saw your stylish collars on Etsy. I was pleased to see that you offer organic catnip as well. I am always looking for quality, hip products for my fur babies. :)

CDT said...

I have purchased a number of collars and one harness from Miss Moustache for my cat, Odin, who is part Tabby and part Siamese or, as we refer to him, Tabinese. He is jet black with a few white hairs. He looks good in very vibrant colors. My goal is for him to have a different Miss Moustache collar every month. We are up to 5 collars including his bad boy "Green Skull" for when he wants to look tough. I think it works because he was pretty naughty that month.

Miss Moustache collars are stylish, well made, and reasonably priced. Why shop elsewhere?

The Pink Cat said...

Miss Moustache has the cutest IDs!

Kitties are always stylin' in the house :)