Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fortune Cookies for your Felines!

I always find it difficult to find a shop that offers original cat friendly products. That is until I discovered Jake & Micah. It was so easy to fall in love with all their wonderful products! For me, this love affair began with the Jake & Micah Lucky Catnip Fortune Cookies. Each one of those cute treat is approximately 3.5” and made from 100% cotton fabric, stuffed with Poly fiberfill and Premium Organic Catnip. And the best part? Each cookie features a real kitty themed fortune! (How adorable is that?) They also offer a wide variety of other kitty products to spoil your furry friend including charming toys, colorful catnip mats and certified organic catnip.

The idea for Jake & Micah started in 2007. Mei Zaums (the genius behind this delightful company!) was frustrated with the selection of cat products found in pet boutiques and decided to design her own unique and fun cat toys and accessories.
She received a BFA in graphic design and now lives in Southern California with her two inseparable cats, Jake & Micah.

To purchase, please visit Jake & Micah
Also check out the Jake & Micah Blog (now part of my morning ritual!)

My Favorite: Polka Dot Fortune Cookies (offered in blue, purple, pink and orange)

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